Richmond Robotic Dog

MHA was able to raise funds to gift a robotic pet to all our care homes and retirement living this year following the success of a Facebook Fundraiser. 

Robotic cats and dogs help our residents to engage, bring moments of calm and companionship for people living with dementia. Our residents love to sit with them on their lap, stroking them and talking to them as it responds back just as a real cat would. They can also evoke memories of past pets too, encouraging conversation. 

Our colleagues have undergone training to remind them to treat the robotic pets just like real-life animals as to not confuse residents or cause any distress. 

Our homes and schemes have enjoyed naming the pets and welcoming them as a part of the family. Ted, 91, a resident at MHA Richmond care home recently featured on BBC News South East alongside resident Sally, 78 showing how important the robotic pets are for interaction and reducing distress. For both Ted and Sally, the pets bring comfort and an opportunity for companionship and conversation. Our colleagues at Richmond commented that "It is the interactive part that they engage with, they're so much more effective compared to a teddy cat or dog. They provide a moment together with the pet."  

This is just one example of our dedication to our specialist dementia care >