One of the most popular services within our MHA Communities, befriending is exactly what it sounds like – getting people together to make friends.

MHA Communities are local groups and clubs aimed at supporting older people to maintain their independence by participating in, supporting or leading a range of different groups, clubs and activities.

Each scheme is different – with a mix of services suited to the local area and tailored to meet the differing needs within the local community. Our groups also provide various volunteer-led befriending services, offering support and companionship to older people who feel or are at risk of becoming lonely and/or socially isolated.

Many older people living in their own homes can become isolated and lonely, but with a regular weekly visit – perhaps to read the paper to a visually impaired person, to play cards or accompany a member with their grocery shop - MHA Communities can help prevent this from happening.

Our trained volunteer befrienders are matched with MHA Communities members based on their interests and personalities by their local manager. Some groups also offer a telephone befriending service.

What service does a befriender provide?

Befrienders visit the homes of older people on a regular basis at a time that is convenient to both the volunteer and yourself. Visits are arranged by yourself and the befriender.

A typical visit could include a sit down with tea and cake followed by a chat about your lives, or maybe you’ll chat while you play cards.

The content of the visit is entirely up to you but the befriender will always provide a listening ear. We can also signpost you to other support services if needed. 

Why choose befriending?

Befriending can be a vital link between yourself and the outside world. Maybe you just fancy someone new to chat to and the feeling of knowing that you can expect a weekly visit. 

What does befriending cost?

Befriending is provided free of charge to users of the service. As a charity, we use the money raised through our fundraising efforts to help continue to provide it to anyone who needs it. If you’d like to support the work we do please consider donating or fundraising for MHA >>

Who can be referred to our befriending service?

Anyone can refer an older person to the service – family members, GP’s, health visitors, nurses or even a next-door neighbour. Just ensure that you have the permission of the person being referred.

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