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MHA is a pioneer of person-centred dementia care in the UK.

With a reputation for providing the highest quality care, our person-centred care recognises each person as a unique individual and addresses their own spiritual and physical needs, with both reassurance and support.

Focusing on individual needs and support for older people, we make sure that we help our residents live later life well, aiming to alleviate the symptoms of dementia with understanding and expertise.

This is combined with nurses’ other specialist skills, ensuring that all residents - including the most frail and vulnerable - are treated with the dignity, respect and sincere care that everyone deserves 24-hours a day.

Our purpose-built dementia nursing care homes are specially designed or adapted to be as safe, reassuring and easy to navigate as possible for people with both dementia and nursing care needs.

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What makes MHA's Dementia Nursing Care Homes special...

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Music Therapy

Music therapy can help in many clinical situations, particularly where communication is difficult due to conditions such as dementia, as feature on the BBC One documentary 'Our Dementia Choir with Vicky McClure'.

As a charity, we provide one-to-one and group music therapy sessions with a trained music therapist free of charge to our residents living with dementia. These life-enhancing sessions help older people to unlock special memories and express emotions and feelings. Learn more >>


Chaplaincy & Spirituality

Chaplains provide a listening presence, companionship and one-to-one pastoral support for all MHA residents, their friends and relatives, and staff members - irrespective of their beliefs. 

Our Chaplain's adopt a person-centred approach and deliver support with warmth, compassion, humour, mutual respect, strength and hope, aiming to inspire and provide stimulation to those we serve. Learn more >>

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Seize The Day

Whether you've always wanted to take part in a extraordinary activity, enjoy a former pastime, or simply visit a location that holds special memories, with MHA’s unique Seize The Day initiative almost anything is possible.

All care home residents and their relatives are encouraged to share their Seize The Day ambitions with care staff who will endeavour to turn the wish into a reality. Learn more >> 

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