The Chief Executives of Age UK and Care England will be among those addressing an MHA conference in London  on tackling isolation among older people next week (9 October).

Samantha Mauger and Prof Martin Green are just two of the speakers who will be at the event, Where is My Older Neighbour? . The conference is being held by MHA along with the Project for Seniors and Lifelong Ministry and London Churches Social Action.

Prof Green said, “We need to make sure that older people are seen as individuals and valued by society, not seen as a burden. Older people have paid money into the system all their lives and then they are made to pay again.

“In my presentation I will touch on some of the issues regarding older people about which I think society needs to start thinking differently.”

Also present will be the Venerable Chris Skilton, Archdeacon of Croydon. He said, “I want to show how care for older people is at the heart of the mission of the church, and that it reflects on how we undertake our mission right across all age groups. If we do that well, it will spill out into other areas. It is all about recognising the identity and worth of each individual.”

The conference will be chaired by Pam Rhodes, presenter of BBC’s Songs of Praise and Patron of MHA.

She commented, “We have much to learn from this older generation who have been through so much in their lives so that we can enjoy peace and comfort in ours.  They deserve our respect and thanks, and they need from us an approach to their care which is dignified, sensitive, practical and loving.  I'd like that for myself in future years.  I'd like that for everyone now.”

Where is My Older Neighbour?  is open to anyone concerned about later life issues in a church or community setting and older people themselves. For more information, please call 0113 272 8471 or email You can also follow the Twitter hashtag #olderneighbour.


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