Independence is about choices. A move in retired life should be empowering, a lifestyle change that enables an individual or couple to continue living on their own terms. At MHA, we understand this to mean providing a range of options that cover as many potential preferences as possible.

Our world is changing and with it, older people’s needs and wants. For a long time now, our retirement living apartments have been available for sale, rent or purchase. They are  specifically designed for later living too, promoting independence in every element of daily life.

Emergency assistance and discreet, tailored care packages enable people in  retirement living  communities to carry on with their lives as they wish. Assisted living provides an extra element with a simple, all-inclusive package that can cover meals as well. More recently, we have developed new services to help those affected by the rising numbers of people with dementia. The newly opened Hatherlow House in Southport, like the longer standing Stanton Lodge in Wiltshire, is a supportive, properly-equipped community where people with dementia can continue sharing their lives with their partners. We are also creating more retirement villages to follow on from the well-established Auchlochan in South Lanarkshire. In Pickering, Corsham and Chippenham, we are developing more communities that will offer a range of living and care service options, along with attractive facilities such as landscaped gardens, health and well-being suites,  and café bistros.

It’s said that you can tell who a person is by the choices they make. We hope that the choices we offer will enable older people to continue expressing who they are through a fulfilling lifestyle that suits them as individuals.

Jane Barker

Group Director – Retirement Living




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