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Meet Liam Earl, a 31-year-old care assistant at Reuben Manor. Liam is a great example that you don't need a background in care to become a carer and enjoy a role in a care home. 

Liam has been in the role for just over 4 and a half years, but working in care was never his first choice.

Liam served as a British Army reserve pioneer for five years before an injury to his wrist, unfortunately, meant he had to leave.

After leaving the army Liam worked in security and joined MHA due to his partner working there.

We caught up with Liam who said:” Working in the army and working in care is completely different, but I feel due to having a caring nature the shift in career was smooth.

My partner can't work anymore due to an illness, so when I'm not at work I'm caring for her, so you could say I'm a carer 24/7.

I love my job, I work in a residential suite and care for all sorts of people, and it's always nice to help those who are sometimes not in a position to help themselves.

I have no issues here at MHA, and everything is great, from pay all the way to support.

Things were tough during the height of the pandemic, we saw the dangers first hand and worked through it brilliantly as a team, and it has taught us all to keep ourselves and others safe.

The chaplaincy service is great if you just want to have a chat and my advice to anyone who is thinking of changing their career is just to go for it.

Here at MHA, I feel the career progression route is very rewarding, you cannot beat the job satisfaction and if you have the courage to try something else, then do it.”

 To find out more about a career in care at MHA, visit our careers webpage >

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