Stratton House residents receive Police and Crime Commissioner Award

“Outstanding achievement” and “an Inspiration to the Community” were among the accolades heaped on the team at Stratton House Care Home, who were presented with a Police Crime Commissioner’s Award. 

Sue Mountstevens, Police Crime Commissioner for Avon and Somerset, spoke movingly of the inspiration represented by people who strive to make the community stronger by their actions, and said she was honoured to be able to bring the award to the home. 

Stratton House hit the news in April with their challenge to Zoë Weston to cycle from Land’s End to Bath – and, declared the residents, we’ll beat you! And they did, using floor peddlers sourced at the Genesis Furniture Recycling Project the team, including residents, volunteers, families, staff and the local Methodist Minister, cycled 250 miles in five days, beating Zoë by just 30 minutes. Together the team and Zoë raised over £1000 to help with making their garden more sensory friendly with raised beds, scented planting etc.

PCC Sue Mountstevens said: “It is incredible to meet some truly extraordinary people who have such a drive and passion for their local community. It is so easy to sit back and watch others do the hard work, but here, Zoe, Jack and all the residents involved have shown such dedication to support Stratton House.

“These are the people we rely on to keep a supportive and caring atmosphere in residential homes such as this. I think it is so important to highlight the incredible effort that Zoe has put in to helping inspire the residents and by raising money for their new accessible potting shed and garden area. Congratulations and well done to all those involved.”

Resident Heather Mackay (94) said: “Sue said we, as just a small group, had made a community – not just of ourselves but also as part of Bath community, We hadn’t just sat back and done nothing, but got on and done something towards making a better community. Sue Mountstevens showed such obvious care of people, a genuine interest in people.  When she was made PCC her speech made me think then that she knew the common man or woman and will look after us.  She was just delightful – so human and down to earth.

“Winning something like this shows that the people who have some sort of power in the council appreciate what we’re doing.  When you hear all these horror stories about care homes, then you come somewhere like this – where we are properly cared for, treated as humans who still have things to give.  Its such an amazing thing!”

Liz Pippard (90), another resident, said: “Winning something like this is marvellous!  I’m ever so pleased!  Its nice to have something you’ve done acknowledged.  It was the way they presented everything – the lounge decorated and everything. It was lovely to know that we’d actually achieved it (the race) and they wanted to present us with something to recognise it. Its nice to live here, we all feel like one big family.  We all really pulled together – it was very good to see that recognised.

John Brookes (98), who moved in since the race said of the award:“You deserved it!  Because you look after us so well, and everybody is so kind, no bullying. The kindness that we get here, I’m conscious that somebody’s there looking out for me. We are needing of care, and you don’t make us feel like that is a burden.”

Jack Mugridge (97), who was interviewed for the Chronicle before the race, and became the ‘face’ of the event, said: “We did such a great thing!  That Zoë, she rode all those miles all alone, and we did our miles here. Everyone worked together. I did 41 miles, and at my age that’s quite impressive!  I’m really pleased for Stratton!”

Barbara Brook (87) added: “Its just such a pleasure to have something you’ve done applauded. The atmosphere here during the race was super, and now we are being given a taste of that all over again with this award. I’m so glad there are still things we can do to be part of things. That’s really important to me.”

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