Today, 7 September 2021, the Government announced a new health and social care tax to help the NHS recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and reform social care in England.

In response, our Chief Executive Sam Monaghan said: “We welcome the Government’s commitment to increasing investment into social care provision. However, the pledged funding still falls short of what is required to fix the care system. What is missing is a national vision and plan for delivering the joined-up care, support and healthcare that older people need.

“This is a pivotal moment for social care - with decades of underfunding, 1.4 million people not receiving the care they need and 120,000 staff vacancies currently unfilled. Thousands of people have left the sector in recent months, leaving care homes facing urgent staffing issues. This requires immediate Government action.

“Today, the Prime Minister promised to support care workers. To do this he must resolve the immediate workforce pressures and deliver the recognition and reward that the sector's skilled and dedicated workforce deserves.”

Our #FixCareForAll campaign is calling for adult social care to be a national priority. You can help make this happen. Take action today >

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