Staff are carefully selected

People are sometimes surprised when they hear that those who wish to become Care Assistants with MHA do not need any specific qualifications to apply. Surely we need to be selective in recruiting for such an important job, providing person-centred care to vulnerable older people?

The truth is that we are incredibly selective – and we know what we are looking for. Care staff are very special individuals – compassionate, dedicated, respectful of older people. Some roles, such as nursing, obviously do require formal qualifications before recruitment, but when recruiting people for the important job of caring for residents, we look for the right personal qualities first and foremost – people driven by an ethos of care, whose vocation is to bring quality to later life, making each day as fulfilling as possible for older people. MHA provides thorough training to its staff members. Once we have recruited a person with the necessary qualities, we can go on to provide them with the required skills to put these qualities to their best possible use and often give them the opportunity to gain NVQs or other appropriate qualifications.

Lots of roles are needed in our team – including Nurses, Domestic, Laundry, Kitchen or Care Assistants, Activity Co-ordinators, Chefs, Administrators, Maintenance Workers. But no matter what the position is, the personal requirements to become part of the MHA team remain the same. We are dedicated to recruiting people who see their role at MHA as the important vocation that it is, and want to play their part in building a community which delivers an improved quality of life for older people. If that’s you, do look at our vacancies on our website.



Ruby Beech


HR Director

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