Pam Rhodes, BBC presenter of Songs of Praise and MHA Patron for over 20 years, joined Sir Terry Wogan and others to address the National Rotary Conference in Bournemouth.

Pam interviewed the founder of REPoD (Rotarians Easing Problems of Dementia) and she then gave a presentation of MHA’s work in dementia care.

Addressing 1,800 delegates, Pam noted that MHA is a charity and one of the most recognised providers of dementia specialist care, with residential care homes, retirement living with care communities and local Live at Home services, and emphasised that MHA is also one of the most respected and well established providers of care in the country.

Pam gave examples about the challenges and hopes of living with dementia. She illustrated her presentation with examples of MHA person-centred care, such as providing places where couples can stay together when one partner has dementia. In addition, she spoke about music therapy, which is provided to residents in MHA dementia specialist care homes by professional Music Therapists.

Pam’s contribution to the Conference was warmly welcomed by all and many delegates visited MHA’s exhibition stand afterwards to speak with her and to collect more information about MHA and REPoD.

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