In spite of the best efforts of the inclement weather, we are once again entering the harvest season as we begin to celebrate and reap the rewards of earlier labours and enjoy the fruits of the earth. There is, after all, a natural order and cycle to things. Combined with the efforts of not only our farmers but so many who are involved in producing food today, there is plenty for all to enjoy if only we ensure it is distributed fairly.

In our own lives there is also a natural order to things. The seed is planted at our conception and both as we grow and develop in the womb and once we break through the soil of our birth, we are surrounded by so much which is there to help us blossom and flourish – not only in terms of food and warmth, but through love, guidance and compassion. But just as with the natural harvest, we too have to labour and strive to ensure that what has been planted will grow and develop and have the chance to reach its full potential.

We sometimes use the phrase “reaching a ripe old age” and this serves to remind us that we continue to mature throughout our lives. At every point we need to ensure we grow and develop to reach our full potential. My favourite scripture verse is Jesus’ suggestion that “I have come that you might have life in abundance” (John 10: 10). I think that should apply for everyone at every stage in life, no matter what adverse conditions we sometimes face. I hope that’s what we aspire to in the care we provide through MHA too.

Andrew Norris

Chaplaincy Adviser MHA

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