Son of famous resident at MHA Langholme “rocks” residents with musical performance

13 February 2024

The son of a resident at at MHA Langholme rocked residents with a powerful musical performance.

Amongst the residents at the Falmouth home they have Simon House, a British composer and classically trained violinist and keyboard player, best known for his work with space rock band Hawkwind.

The musical genes continue to run in the family with his son, Thor House bringing his band The Disappointments into the home to entertain residents.

The band played music from various genres and eras and entertained the residents, who could not contain themselves from singing and dancing.

Maria Browne, home manager said: “ It was a great performance from the Disappointments and one that was appreciated by all the residents and staff.

“With the Disappointments being a local band based in Falmouth our residents were familiar with them.

“What really struck us was the engagement the band members showed with the residents.

“The band rocks and we are looking forward to welcoming them back, especially as how successful this performance was.

“Simon, who also performed with David Bowie as well as Mike Oldfield, was happy to show us the silver discs awarded to Hawkwind that are proudly displayed on his walls.

“He was aware that his son, who he is rightly very proud of, was bringing his band into the home and was present during the performance.

“He has been living at the home since August 2023 and when we found out who he was most staff were aware and very excited.

“Having someone like Simon in the home just reiterates how fascinating the lives of our residents across all our MHA homes are.”