Resident at MHA Greenway fulfils dream and sails on the canal

16 June 2022

A resident at a MHA Greenways managed to fulfil his dream and sailed a boat.

Tom Howard expressed an interest in sailing when he was asked by the home what he would like to do as part of the Seize the Day initiative.

The Seize the Day initiative is run by charity Methodist Homes (MHA) which runs the home. It encourages residents to re-experience activities or events from the past or to do something they would like to do for the first time.

Thomas was accompanied by Joanne Mitchell, activity coordinator at the home who organised the trip to Chichester Canal for him.

Joanne said: “When Tom was asked what he wanted to do for his Seize the Day event he said ‘I want to go sailing’.

“This was not an easy request to manage due to health and safety but a short while later the idea came up for Tom to sail along the Chichester Canal.

“It was quite a damp day with bursts of rain but the scenery and calmness was what made the experience wonderful.

“Tom was invited by the Skipper to steer the canal boat, and he was a natural. 

“We were the only people on the boat and Tom moved around freely.

“We would like to thank the crew of the Kingfisher who made Tom’s day such a lovely experience and to everyone at the Chichester Canal who helped with the arrangements and support.”

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