MHA Weston and Queensway celebrates combined long services for two staff members

12 June 2023

MHA Weston and Queensway celebrated the achievements of two staff members who have worked at the home for five years each.

Brigid Jones and Maria Mackley both work at the Stafford home and now have a combined work service of 10 years.

The home provides high-quality dementia nursing care for 70 residents and gave both staff members, who work as care assistants, a certificate to mark the occasion.

Maria says she left the home to work elsewhere but quickly realised what she had left behind and re-joined.

Speaking after the certificate presentation she said: “I thoroughly enjoy my job and recently left (only for a week!) as I decided to take up a position at another care setting, but I soon realised that I had made a huge mistake. 

“I missed all of the residents and their families and also my colleagues. 

“It made me realise that we are all like one big family at MHA. I've certainly learnt a lesson and won't be going anywhere again!

“My advice to anyone starting out in care is to just go for it, take the leap and don't look back.

“Don't be afraid to ask questions, you'll learn something new every day. Care is such a rewarding job and I feel privileged to be able to do it. 

“The people I care for feel like family and you certainly don't get that in an office job.”

Brigid relocated from Warrington to Stafford and says she wants to “finish her working career at the home.”

She added: “ I met someone who worked here when I moved to Stafford and have loved every minute of it.

“I knew I was close to five years, and it's been a great journey.

“There have been tough times, especially in the pandemic but we all stuck through it and worked together in making sure we can overcome any challenges.

“The atmosphere at the home is great, it's very busy and really convenient for me.”

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