MHA Norwood raises more than £600 from garden party

02 August 2022

MHA Norwood set up a garden party and raised more than £600 for the residents.

The home which offers 46 places for residential and dementia care, organised the garden party which attracted more than 100 people to the home, 

The money raised will be used to organise activities and trips for residents

There were plenty of activities and the guests were treated to some live entertainment in the form of a brass quintet.

The party was the first of its kind since the pandemic, and now it's up to the residents to see what they want to do with the money raised.

Sergio Ishmael, activity coordinator said: “The amount raised was a lot more than expected and I am very happy with how the event went.

“It was a really nice day, the atmosphere throughout the day was really positive and the weather was nice which always helps.

“The garden party was initially something we wanted to do for our residents and relatives, but to have members of the community attend and give some positive feedback was good.

“We had volunteers who helped with the various stalls and even though I started early to make sure everything was in place the day went by really quickly.

“I am not sure as to how we will be using the money raised, but once I have had a discussion with residents on what they want to do we will look into organising whatever it is they want to do.

“I want to thank everyone who came to the garden party and contributed towards the cause. 

“It was a very pleasant event and I hope everyone enjoyed it.”