Combined service of 35 years at MHA Starr Hills for three colleagues

07 September 2023

Three colleagues at MHA Starr Hills were rewarded for their services which combined to a total of 35 years.

Janette Caplin, Ping Holgate and Monika Liberda all work the Lancashire home and received a certificate of achievement and flowers from the home manager, Phillipa Green

Janette has been working at the home for 20 years, with Monika celebrating 10 years and Ping celebrating 5.

Speaking after the presentation Janette, who started off as a care assistant and worked her way up to admin manager said: “I came to the home on an open day looking for an office job and there was nothing available at the time.

“I started off as a care assistant, then senior carer before moving into an admin assistant role before becoming an admin manager in 2017.

“20 years later, there was no way I thought I would be here that long, but I am very happy in what I do, and I really enjoy working at the home.

“It's a lovely place to work and I will carry on working here for as long as I can.

Monika, who worked as a domestic assistant added: “ My husband told me about the job, and I have always been a domestic assistant.

“It's a steady job with lovely people and I enjoy the fact I am helping people every day.

“I love working at MHA Starr Hills and I have no plans to change that.”

Ping works as a chef and said:” The home is only 30 mins away from where I live, and I find my job very rewarding.

“There is a great team ethic at the home, and we all support each other.

“Five years have gone by very quickly and I'm hoping to be here for at least another five.