Canaries are a man's best friend at MHA Rushden Park

06 November 2023

A resident at MHA Rushden Park has been keeping everyone entertained with the help of his canaries.

Richard Hindes lives at the Northamptonshire home and brought with him his canaries when he moved in a year ago.

He keeps two in his room and the rest are in the foyer where they have the attention of residents, visitors and staff.

Richard says the canaries give him a lot of comfort and contribute towards making others happy.

The 79-year-old added: “I have always been interested in wildlife and I got this interest from my dad.

“Me and my dad used to race pigeons during my youth, and I enjoyed that very much.

“I have bred canaries for 37 years and when I moved into Rushden Park I bought them with me.

“The canaries give me a lot of comfort and it's also given other residents a reason to get out of bed,

“They have different names for them and come out of their rooms to check on them and it's nice to see the love they are getting.”

Grainne Wokes, home manager said: “Initially Richard had just the two canaries in his room and then they bred.

“We moved the rest of them into the reception area and they are the talk of the home.

“Richard and his canaries have definitely pulled people together and it's become a friendship/conversation starter.

“Richard being the kind hearted and generous man he is gifted one of the canaries to the grandchild of a resident 

“The residents love listening to them, some even say it's like being on holiday.”.

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