Supporting a Loved One to Move Into Respite Care - Theresa's story

15 November 2023

by Theresa Knight, PR Manager, MHA


Having worked for MHA for eight years now, I know about the amazing care our colleagues provide, but it wasn’t until my mum went into respite care that I had a ‘hands on’ perspective.

Mum is 84 and her health isn’t the best. She doesn’t need full time care yet but lives independently with care visits twice a day.

Crunch time came earlier in 2023 when, on the three occasions I had leave booked, she had unplanned stays in hospital. A couple of these are likely to have been caused by anxiety exacerbating her conditions, and each stay meant there was a chance I wouldn’t get my break. So respite care became an option for peace of mind.

Making the decision for me was easy as I knew what care and support she would get. For mum, convincing her would not be that easy but perseverance paid off. Maybe it was the thought of it being like an all-inclusive holiday with meals, drinks, activities and much more on offer. After all, who could refuse that?

We were able to visit the home so she could see for herself where she would be staying, meet the staff team and see the home. She was impressed so, after a visit to her home to complete the assessment of her needs, she was booked in for a couple of weeks.

Her room overlooked the well-maintained gardens and was bright and airy. Staff were on hand to welcome her and settle her in, and to get to know her. She was able to take her own pillows to sleep on and make sure she had her radio to listen to in the mornings. All helped her feel the room was hers.

While we were away, daily calls with mum settled me even more. Never one to mix easily, we heard how she had been down for her meals getting to know her new neighbours, joining in some activities yet feeling secure that she had her own room and space.

She thoroughly enjoyed her meals, remarking on one occasion she might have over indulged in the chocolate cake. High praise indeed from someone who rarely eats cake.

We knew we were able to speak with the home if we had any concerns. But mum never raised any.

She came back home looking well, rested and stimulated from having company and care. Residents were asking when they would see her again and wishing her well.

Would she do it again? Yes. Would we be happy for her to do it again? Yes.

Respite care is a great option for anyone with an older relative. It gives you a peace of mind that they won’t be at home worrying if something happens, who will be there for them. You know they are being cared for and supported and, that if anything happens, there is someone there for them.

MHA Respite Care

MHA Respite Care

Do you need a break from caring for your loved one? Respite care might be the option for you.

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