Help in The Community for People Living With Dementia

There's help in the community for people living with dementia in their own home. Below we list the main support available. 

Admiral Nurses

Admiral Nurses are specialist nurses giving support for people living with dementia and their families.

They help people living with dementia stay independent for longer and support the people caring for them.

Admiral Nurses work in local community services, GP practices and NHS hospitals, care homes, and hospices.

This video from the charity Dementia UK explains what Admiral Nurses do.

Purple Alert (Scotland)

Purple Alert is a free service offered, monitored and supported by the charity Alzheimer Scotland. It is a free mobile app which sends an alert to the community if someone with dementia is missing in their area. 

Please note that Purple Alert is not an Emergency Service. If someone is missing, you will still need to ring 999 immediately.

Dementia Safeguarding Scheme (Herbert Protocol) for missing persons

The Herbert Protocol is designed to help those caring for someone living with dementia to make sure in the event a person going missing, the police can gain access to essential information promptly. 

Carers, friends and/or relatives can complete a form which includes important information about a missing individual such as the contact numbers, medication needed, locations the person was last seen and so forth also a photograph can be provided. 

Each Police Force may have a different form, so make sure you get in touch with your local force. The form can be easily sent or handed to the police in the event of a loved one going missing which helps to reduce the time to gather this information. The form should be completed as soon as possible.

Safe Places

Safe Place offers help if someone is anxious, scared or at risk while they are out in the community and need support, including people living with dementia.

There is a Safe Places app available which shows Safe Places in your area. Search ‘Safe Places’ on the Apple Store or Android Play Store to download.

Memory cafes

Memory cafés, also known as dementia cafés, are a safe space where you can go for a cup of tea and a chat with an experienced professional and other people living with dementia and their carers/family members. They allow you to feel less alone when talking to other people affected by dementia. It can also act as respite for people who care for someone living with dementia.

The following organisations host memory cafes across the UK:

Age UK memory cafes – check your local service

Alzheimer’s Society memory cafes

Purple Angel memory cafes

Some of our MHA Communities group offer Memory Cafes find your local MHA Communities

Your GP, dementia specialist or another health care professional might signpost your local dementia services and activities to you. Also look out for local newspapers, community newsletters, community boards etc, that may have information about local events for people living with dementia.

Specialist events/activities

You can search on the Alzheimer’s Society website for dementia activities near you which includes some MHA activities across the UK.

More recently, there are more dementia-friendly activities and events available such as:

  • Dementia-friendly cinema screenings and streaming of live theatre productions
  • Sensory gardens – a garden or plot designed to provide different sensory experiences, including scented plants, sculptures and water features
  • Some shops and supermarkets have a specified shopping hour for people with additional needs like dementia.

If you'd like to venture further from home, there are organisations that can support both you and the person caring for you.

  • Dementia Adventure offers breaks in the UK designed for people living with dementia and their family or carers
  • Dementia UK has details of holidays in the UK and abroad for people with dementia.
  • Many of our MHA Communities groups offer specialist dementia day centres or dementia activities, find your local MHA Communities

Join an online community

Online forums are a good way to share your experiences of living with dementia or caring for someone with dementia, as well as getting support and reading what others are going through.

Talking Point is the Alzheimer's Society's forum where people living with dementia can share their personal experiences and advice.

Carers can also join the Carers UK forum.

Do you support someone living with dementia?

Visit our guidance on supporting people with dementia in their own home >

We also have free dementia training sessions for family and friends available which you might find helpful.

Other support available

Page last updated: September 2023. 

Join MHA Communities

Join MHA Communities

Our community groups across the UK offer different activities including specialist dementia-friendly sessions like Memory Cafes and Love to Move exercise.

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