Tips to Prevent Falls at Home

As we age, having a fall is quite common, and although most falls don't cause serious injury, they can leave you feeling worried it will happen again. 

We’ve got some simple tips for preventing falls at home:

  • Make sure you have your eyesight checked regularly with an optician. If you find it hard to leave the house, a lot of opticians will do home appointments, check with your local optician

  • If you have been prescribed to wear glasses, make sure you wear them as much as needed

  • Install handrails on both sides of your staircase - take your time when going up and down the stairs too, don’t rush

  • A stair lift is a safe option too. This is a big investment, however, there are grants available to help you cover the costs or you might be eligible for a free stair lift through social services

  • Certain medications can make you feel dizzy or faint which can affect balance. If you’re feeling like you have side effects from medicines speak to your GP - they might be able to prescribe an alternative

  • Remove clutter and trip hazards from your path including cables and wires

  • Make sure all rooms, corridors and staircases are well lit

  • Move your most-used belongings to be within easy reach – you might also want to try a grabber tool to help you reach things that are out of safe reach

  • If you use a walking stick or frame, make use of it and don’t rely on holding on to furniture for balance – you can lose grip or it can move/give way which might cause you to fall

  • If you have hearing difficulties, make sure you’ve had a recent hearing test  

  • Avoid trip hazards by securing any loose or uneven carpets or rugs

  • Avoid wearing any really long clothing or anything trails on the ground

  • Wear well-fitting shoes with a good grip sole - make sure shoes or slippers support the ankle and are in good condition

  • Clean up any floor spills as soon as you can

  • Avoid using floor wax on hard flooring

  • Consider fitting bed rails or changing to a lower bed frame

  • Stay hydrated and eat well - energy is important for strength and preventing falls.

And most importantly, if you think you might be at risk of a fall or have recently fallen, speak to your GP. They may recommend exercises to improve your strength and balance or refer you for tests if needed.

Staying active

Doing gentle exercise will also help build muscle strength and balance which reduces with age. There are safe strength and balance exercises available on our MHA Active App

Making your home safe

As well as the above tips, there are ways to improve your home safety like installing handrails, security lights, and much more. Read our webpage on safety in your own home

Page last updated: September 2023. 

Safety in Your Home

Safety in Your Home

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