Lunch Clubs

MHA Communities offers friendly lunch clubs for people in later life across the country, providing the opportunity to meet new friends

Join our lunch clubs and enjoy delicious food and great company in a welcoming environment.

Our community groups across England and Wales cater to the diverse needs of older people, helping them stay connected and social. Whether you need a lift, a friendly chat, or a fun activity, our volunteer-led services are here to support you.

Our lunch clubs serve healthy and nutritious meals that meet your dietary requirements.

Our lunch clubs run once or more times a week, depending on the MHA Communities scheme in your area. They are staffed by experienced professionals and dedicated volunteers who care about your wellbeing.

Come along and make new friends, share your stories, and have a good time with other older people in your local  community.

MHA Active

MHA Active

MHA Active is a lifestyle and wellness app, designed to support older people who want to keep active and connected.

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