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Help care home residents living with dementia to achieve their therapeutic goals through the power of music.

MHA is proud to be one of the largest employers of music therapists in the UK working with older adults and people living with dementia.

We're looking for highly trained, qualified music therapists to provide therapeutic treatment, alongside residents and communities members accessing MHA services. At MHA we work with residents and members to support healthy, active aging.

A large part of our work is currently with people living with a diagnosis of dementia, and the team has an in-depth understanding of the challenges that surround this aspect of aging. Another of our core roles is enabling members, their families and staff to experience a comforting and person-centred end of life. 

Through knowledge and experience you will use music to provide a skilled clinical intervention for those identified as having specific needs supporting autonomy, personal and  cultural identification; choices, preferences and experiences. As part of a large team working across the country, you will also be part of a supportive group of music therapists who work collegiately, sharing knowledge and current best practice in regular team meetings and participating in research projects.

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Read what our current music therapists say

Erin Fothergill, Music Therapist 

"My work as a music therapist at MHA is incredibly fulfilling to me. I love engaging with older adults through music and seeing the positive changes it brings to their frame of mind and everyday living. Working for an organisation that values music therapy for their residents is inspiring and important."

James Tucker, Music Therapist 

"I chose to work with MHA because I wanted to make a positive and effective contribution to the lives of people living with dementia. I already knew of the growing impact and reputation of the music therapy service within MHA, and I really wanted to be a part of this and make a difference in the lives of the residents.

"I grew up living with my Nan for a number of years, and towards the later stages of her life she developed Vascular Dementia, despite this, at the age of 94 she was still able to sit at the piano and play her favourite hymns, she hadn’t lost her ability to play and read music despite losing so much of her cognitive function. I witnessed first hand the profound impact that music can have on those living with dementia, and I wanted to make a difference myself, these experiences inspired me to provide music therapy in dementia care.

"In my work with MHA I can see clearly how music therapy helps to bring so much pleasure into peoples lives, and support a residents experience of living with dementia."

Vicky Turner, Music Therapist 

"I was drawn to music therapy at MHA as I was interested in the concept of collaborative working with the care staff. It seemed important to me that for any music therapy work I do with the residents to have a lasting impact - I work alongside the care team, skill sharing in both directions to enhance the overall well-being of the resident.

"I love seeing the excitement on a carers face when I show them a clip of a resident really enjoying a particular song and then seeing/hearing that song or piece of music being used later on in another aspect of their care."

Why work for MHA?

We are a charity that inspires the best care and wellbeing at every stage of later life. Each individual that makes up our team is valued and is part of a community that is dedicated to improving the lives of older people.

As well as a competitive salary, MHA offers flexible working hours to suit those with busy lifestyles.

Work with us

Work with us

We’re looking for committed and compassionate people to help make a difference to the vulnerable older people we care for and support.

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