Chaplaincy & Spirituality

We're dedicated to fulfilling the spiritual needs of our residents, enabling them to live later life well.

At MHA we put people at the heart of everything we do. We get to know their life experiences and interests as we understand that everyone has spiritual needs, a need for finding meaning and purpose in life.

We believe that spiritual fulfilment feels different for each individual and enables people to live later life well. Religious faith, good relationships, hope and positive experiences all play their part in finding fulfilment.

Our dedicated chaplains

We’re really proud of our dedicated MHA chaplaincy service, inspired by our Methodist roots. We place great importance on nurturing the mind, body and spirit of those we care for, their families and our colleagues, of all faiths and none. We believe this is a vital aspect of enabling people to live later life well.

We employ a chaplain in each of our care homes, in most of our retirement living communities and through our Digital Communities. Our chaplains provide one-to-one support, a sense of comfort and a listening ear to everyone who needs it. They also organise worship for those who wish to participate and, where appropriate, residents are encouraged to maintain links with local faith communities.

Our chaplains use a person-centred approach and deliver pastoral care with warmth, compassion, humour, mutual respect, strength and hope, aiming to inspire those we care for.

Spirituality Strategy 

We know that spirituality is important and everyone’s spirituality is different. We treat every person as an individual, involving each person in shaping the way we support their spiritual wellbeing.

We've developed a Spirituality Strategy that builds upon MHA’s wider, 5-year strategy to ensure we are able to provide quality spiritual care for residents, members, families and colleagues. The aim of the strategy is to guide us over the next three years to ensure we achieve our mission, values and vision.

End of life care

For many residents in our care homes, MHA will provide them with their last home. Our chaplains hold an important role in helping residents and their relatives approach their final years with a sense of acceptance, peace and fulfilment.

A key part of our work has been the development of The Final Lap – an award-winning programme designed to make sure all MHA care homes are places where death and dying are faced openly, positively and with support. We're also proud to share that we have developed a three year End of Life Care Strategy which details our commitments to give our residents the best possible end of life care. The strategy is also available in a Welsh version >

Our chaplains and care colleagues are trained to support residents and their families as they explore what the last days of life will mean for them, as well as for their loved ones, our colleagues and volunteers within the home.

Chaplaincy's response to the Covid-19 pandemic

As well as an internal resource for MHA colleagues on how to deal with loss and grief, we created a new booklet to support our residents' families - 'Relative Recovery: Loss and healing during Covid-19' and a Welsh version. We also collaborated with RNIB to produce an audio version. The booklet includes information and advice about grief and guilt; what’s normal and when we should seek further support. There's a section on dementia and visiting in care homes and two short acts of memorial for those who missed opportunities to attend a funeral or memorial service; one is broadly Christian and the other is secular. There is a list of many other organisations that provide support to people who are struggling with loss.

Support us and make a donation

Our chaplaincy service is provided free of charge to residents so can only be made possible thanks to the generous charitable support of people like you. To make a donation towards this life-enhancing service, please visit our online donation form >

Our Care Homes

Our Care Homes

Whether it's residential, nursing or dementia care that you or your loved one requires, with MHA you can be confident of our rich history of delivering some of the most highly rated, person-centred care in the sector.

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