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MHA is a leading provider of music therapy in dementia care.

Music therapy helps to alleviate isolation and the symptoms for those living with dementia by helping to unlock special memories and express emotions and feelings that other forms of communication cannot, even if the individual is no longer able to speak or respond to other people’s words.

Music therapy differs from a sing-a-long or listening to music. Our trained and award-winning therapists, whose life-enhancing work is funded by charitable donations, interact directly with our care home residents through almost 11,000 live music therapy sessions each year. This can be through singing, playing simple percussion instruments or responding to musical cues, as well as the exchange of verbal, facial, vocal and bodily expressions in a one-to-one or group setting.  

It’s not until you lose the power of speech that you realise what a crucial element it is for self-expression and communication with others. However, it is through the unique interaction of music therapy that our therapists are able to help reduce the anxiety and agitations which dementia can cause, as well as help staff understand possible causes of these symptoms.

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