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Our mission is “to improve the quality of life for older people, inspired by Christian concern." Society has changed beyond all recognition since our charity was formed in 1943 but our work is as relevant today as it was then.

Our Values underpin our entire approach:

  • We respect every person as a unique individual
  • We treat others, especially the most frail and vulnerable, with the dignity we wish for ourselves
  • We are open and fair in all our dealings
  • We always seek to improve, to become the best we can be
  • We nurture each person's body, mind and spirit to promote a fulfilled life

Putting Our Values into Practice

We are open to all older people in need, irrespective of their beliefs. Our homes and schemes are made up of diverse communities and opportunities are made available for individuals to develop and practise their faith as they feel appropriate. 

A special feature of our homes and schemes is the emphasis placed on the spiritual well-being of older people. We are a special organisation that believes this to be an important element of the service we provide and an integral part of everybody’s work. We respect the personal beliefs of each individual, and the choice of older people to participate, or not, in activities and events within the home or scheme.

It is important that all our staff, volunteers and those we serve understand and share our values in order to play their part in building a community which delivers an improved quality of life for older people.

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