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At MHA, we get to know each person, their story and family, life experiences and interests. We understand that everyone has spiritual needs – a need for meaning and purpose in life. We believe that spiritual fulfilment ensures personal wellbeing and enables older people to live life to the full.

Spiritual fulfilment feels different for each individual. Religious faith, good relationships, and positive experiences all play their part. We see the beneficial effects of visits by family and friends, the presence of animals, and in engagement with nature, music, art or other creative activities, all of which can help to nurture the spirit.

We ensure opportunities are available to support spiritual wellbeing through:

  • Professionally trained, caring staff
  • Dedicated volunteers
  • Shared social life and individual activities
  • Chaplaincy support and religious practice
  • End of life spiritual care and support.

We approach the task of caring for the whole person with warmth, compassion, humour, mutual respect, strength and hope, aiming to inspire and support all those who receive our care.

MHA Chaplains

MHA fosters care, compassion and respect for individual spiritual needs. 

Whilst our work is inspired by the Christian faith, we have always welcomed people from all religious traditions, as well as those without any religious affiliation. 

Every MHA care service is supported by a dedicated Chaplain, who may come from a range of denominations. Some are ordained ministers and others are lay people. They provide a listening presence, companionship and one-to-one pastoral support for all residents, their friends and relatives, and staff members - irrespective of their beliefs - and organise worship for those who wish to participate. Where appropriate, residents are encouraged to maintain links with local faith communities.

For many residents in our care homes, MHA will provide them with their last home. Our Chaplains have a particular role in helping residents and their relatives approach their final years, hopefully with a sense of acceptance, peace and fulfilment.

End of Life Care

A key part of our work has been the development of “The Final Lap” – a programme designed to ensure that MHA homes are places where dying and death are faced openly and positively.

Our staff are trained to support residents and their families as they explore what the last days of life will mean for them, as well as for staff and volunteers.

Click here to download our brochure supporting our end of life programme, The Final Lap 

For further information on MHA's work on end of life care and support, email Chris Swift, Director of Chaplaincy & Spirituality.

Spirituality Publications

MHA has published many resources which take into account the spiritual aspects of people's lives. 

These publications are available to download by Clicking Here. Alternatively, we have printed publications available to order by donation these can be found by Clicking Here.  

ePrayer Newsletter

MHA's Chaplaincy and Spirituality team also produces a monthly ePrayer Newsletter.

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