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Methodist Homes Sunday 2016

Our theme for 2016 is ‘Creating Communities that Care’

We address the issue of loneliness which highlights the need for people to be connected in a community of their choice and as the numbers of older people continue to grow, each of those three words will become increasingly important.

Worship Resources have been included in every copy of the Spring edition of Heart and Soul, MHA’s free magazine, but are also available to download here.

By holding a Methodist Homes Sunday Service, your Church helps us to do practical things that help older people not just survive, but to thrive. Your support helps to provide 75 of our community networks throughout the country. Led by voluntary committees, they provide company, friendship and neighbourhood support to older people living independently. Our fundraised income also provides music therapy sessions for people with dementia and a chaplaincy service in all our residential services.

The suggested date for your service is 12th June but, if this is not possible, please remember the work of MHA at any time during 2016.

To request a speaker for your service or for more information contact Lesley France on 01332 296200 or email

We have a range of videos that explain the difference your donation could make to the lives of older people and to explain MHA's core values.  

This film is a short introduction to MHA's music therapy service for people living with dementia in our care homes.

Watch our latest video to explain the MHA Chaplacy Story.

MHA is one of the UK's largest employers of music therapists. We provide an essential service - all funded through charitable donations - to people with dementia who live in our care homes.

Our music therapists provide both individual and group sessions for our residents, helping improve their well being and quality of life. Watch our latest video to find out more about MHA Music Therapy.

Find out more about how your donation helps tackle the issue of loneliness among older people. The power of friendship cannot be underestimated, your gift could help:

Provide a week’s ‘Telebuddies’ service, providing a regular phone call to check on isolated older people living alone, through donating £6. 

£10 could provide an hour’s chaplaincy support in one of our care homes.

£30 could fund an individual music therapy session, giving someone with dementia the opportunity to express their feelings.

In our latest video presenter of the BBC’s ‘Songs of Praise’, Pam Rhodes gives her view on the role of faith among older people.

MHA Chief Executive Adrian Bagg introduces MHA's Live At Home scheme in our latest video. 


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