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Independence, health, support, good company…these are all things that we value at any time in our lives. And when you live in your own home, it can be especially important to know you have a support network on your doorstep, geared towards your area, your community–and you.

For over 25 years, the national charity MHA has run Live at Home, local schemes promoting independence and wellbeing for people aged 60 and over who, as the name suggests, live in their own homes. Each scheme is unique, tailored to its area and, of course, its members, who will actively help shape its services and events to their individual needs and preferences. What all schemes have in common, though, is their dedication to keeping people aged 60+ living healthily and happily in their own homes.

Every scheme is able to signpost its members to the relevant services if they should find themselves in need (perhaps following a medical diagnosis, for example) and all have newsletters to keep them informed of what’s happening within the scheme and in their area. In addition, members have the option to join in numerous activities and events, which may include lunch clubs, assisted shopping trips, befriending, outings, exercise sessions and more.

Live at Home is good for older people. In 2015, surveyed Live at Home members said that the key things their scheme did well were providing a combination of friendship and interesting activities and helping them feel less bored and lonely.

By promoting independence, wellbeing and health, Live at Home also helps to relieve pressure on local services. It doesn’t matter whether people live alone or with a partner or family, or whether or not they have private domiciliary care (though please be aware that Live at Home does not itself provide personal care); local Live at Home schemes are there to give members whatever practical and social support they need to continue to live in their own home.


Fundraising is vital in supporting our work and helps us to continue to offer support and develop our activities. You can fundraise at home, in your community, at work, or with family and friends. You can take part in a challenge or organise your own events. Our fundraising team will be happy to support you!

We are always looking for new ways of working with you. If you have an idea or skill you would like to share please contact the fundraising team on 
01332 221641

Everything you do can make a difference to the lives of older people. We’re here to help you organise the best fundraiser for ages!

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