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MHA is a charity so it’s important to us that life at Fitzwarren Court is affordable to all. Properties are available for rent. Some people may be eligible for financial support through the welfare and benefits system to access the lifestyle and property of their choice. We will support you in your application.

All-inclusive living plan

Fitzwarren Court's simple, all-inclusive living plan includes your rent, service charge (including building insurance, external window cleaning and the upkeep of shared facilities), heat, power and water to your apartment, 24-hour well-being service (with staffing on-site around the clock to deal with any emergency, co-ordination of regular social activities, daily contact if required and chaplaincy support), one hour domestic per week, three nutritious meals a day and council tax.

Rental options         One bedroom studio                        £336 per week*

                                One bedroom apartment                  £418 per week*

                                Two bedroom apartment                  £488 per week*

                                Two bedroom large apartment        £605 per week*

Purchase options   One bedroom studio                        From £122,950

                                One bedroom apartment                From £176,950

                                Two bedroom apartment                From £209, 950

                                Two bedroom large apartment       From £290,950

Outright purchase entitles you to a reduced all-inclusive living  individual occupancy fee of:

                                 One bedroom studio                        £204 per week*

                                 One bedroom apartment                  £228 per week*

                                 Two bedroom apartment                  £246 per week*

                                 Two bedroom large apartment         £289 per week*

Shared Ownership   One bedroom studio                        From £61,475

                                 One bedroom apartment                 From £88,475

                                 Two bedroom apartment                  From £104,975

                                 Two bedroom large apartment         From £145,475

Shared ownership purchase entitles you to a reduced all-inclusive living individual occupancy fee of:

                                 One bedroom studio                        £276 per week*

                                 One bedroom apartment                 £332 per week*

                                 Two bedroom apartment                 £378 per week*

                                 Two bedroom large apartment        £464 per week*

Personal Care

Fitzwarren Court can provide additional services such as personal care packages, support to attend appointments and social functions and personal domestic services. If you require any of these services you will receive a personal assessment and estimate of costs from a member of the Wellbeing Team.


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