At MHA we recognise the importance of listening to all those in our care and their loved ones to help us continue developing and improving the standards of care that we deliver.

The 'Your Care Rating' survey is an annual opportunity for care home residents, their friends and family members to share their thoughts on the care we provide. There are two Your Care Rating surveys – one for care home residents and another for friends and family members.

The surveys are being conducted by the independent research agency Ipsos MORI on behalf of a group of care home providers, including MHA. The results are confidential; MHA will not see your completed survey form.

How does MHA use the survey results?

Some of the ways that we use your views include:

  • Celebrating homes that provide great care and learning what they do best
  • Helping potential residents and their relatives to get a feel for what it’s like living in our care homes
  • Identifying areas where you want to see changes or improvements, and acting on this.

Taking part in the residents’ survey

The first part of 'Your Care Rating' is an annual survey for residents only to complete. 

Surveys will be handed out by our care home staff with an envelope. You can either give it back to the home staff to return for you, or ask a friend or family member to post it back to Ipsos MORI directly.

Surveys will be available from the end of August and must be returned by 11 October.

We know that some of our residents living with dementia may not be able to complete this survey, when this is the case our care home staff will not give out a survey. However, their friends and relatives will still have the opportunity to have their say about their loved one’s care.

If you need help completing your survey, you can ask a volunteer, or a friend or family member to help you, but please make sure they write down your views - not theirs.

Taking part in the family and friends survey

The second part of 'Your Care Rating' is an annual survey to capture the views of friends and family members of our care home residents.

Surveys will be available in all MHA care homes - you can either pick one up when visiting or contact the home and ask for one to be posted to you. Please ensure that only one person completes a survey for each care home resident.

Surveys will be available from the middle of September, and must be returned by 19 November.

What did last year’s survey results look like?

Overall findings were very positive last year with 97% of residents and 96% of family members and friends saying they were satisfied with the overall standard of our care homes. 

You can view individual 'Your Care Rating' reports for each care home are on their webpage – see details about your nearest MHA care home using our service finder.

When will I get to see the results?

As this is a joint survey with several other care providers, it takes a while before we can release the results. We should be able to share them publicly by early March when they will be officially launched to the media. We will update this page when we have a release date.

For further information about MHA's involvement in the Your Care Rating survey, please contact

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