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We've received glowing reviews from residents across its care homes in the 2016 Your Care Rating survey.   

Now in its fifth year, the Your Care Rating survey is the country’s largest and most authoritative survey of care home residents. The nationwide survey gives residents a voice, putting their care at the heart of understanding more about how well care homes perform. Over 18,000 residents in 914 care homes across the UK took part.

Care homes are given an overall score out of 1000 based on residents’ feedback across four broad themes - Staff and Care, Home Comforts, Choice and Having a Say, and Quality of Life. On average MHA care homes scored 881 for Staff and Care, and 934 for Quality of Life.

Carol Artis, Director of Care Homes at MHA said: “Our high scores in the above areas reflect the person-centred care we nurture at MHA. We’re passionate about getting it right for our all residents, always respecting that care homes are homes first and foremost – we strive to make our residents feel as happy, comfortable and at-home as we possibly can.

“We’re delighted to have made some fantastic improvements this year and scored well across the board. We’re constantly working to better our offering and we’re committed to taking part in this survey every year and receiving feedback from our residents for this reason.”

You can read about how our care homes performed in the survey at The website also shows how homes that took part in the survey last year performed. All of this helps families who are choosing a care home for a loved one by giving them vital information on what the residents actually think of each home and the standard of care.

The survey was compiled by leading research company Ipsos MORI with input from the care home operators taking part, plus the National Care Forum and CareEngland. This means the survey is the most authoritative of its type, and is also the country’s largest, capturing more views of residents than any other

Technical notes

  • The Your Care Rating Residents’ survey was carried out between August and October 2016. A total of 33 care home operators took part in the survey, covering 914 care homes and 18,786 residents. The survey is carried out using a paper questionnaire. Each care home is sent copies of the questionnaire and freepost envelopes to be distributed to residents. Further details on the survey process are available through the Your Care Rating website. Overall survey results and benchmarks are based on responses from 18,600 residents. This is the total number of participants eligible for this calculation excluding homes with fewer than five responses and those removed following validation, but base sizes for individual attributes vary.
  • Results for MHA’s care homes are based on 2,004 responses from residents.
  • OPR and Theme scores are shown out of a possible total score of 1,000. Further details of how OPR and Theme scores are calculated are available via the Your Care Rating website.
  • Percentage scores are shown out of 100%.
  • Combined percentage “agree” figures are based on the combined percentage of respondents saying they ‘strongly’ or ‘tend to’ agree.
  • Data are unweighted.

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