MHA Chief Executive

I don’t know if you have ever been equally excited and in trepidation of something.  I’ve never been one for parachuting out of aeroplanes or doing white water rafting, but I imagine that just before you jump or just before you push off from the bank, there is that clash of excitement and trepidation.  That’s certainly how I was feeling before I started at MHA at the beginning of March – massively excited about starting a new job and helping MHA do more for more older people and a sense of trepidation about changing industries, living somewhere new and learning how to get things done in a new environment.

Well after the first 30 days or so, I could not have asked for better.  I have found a wonderful group of colleagues to work with across the whole organisation, a Board that is committed to the work of the charity and supporting those who work in it and a programme of activity and services which is full of energy and passion for being the best we can be in everything that we do.  Excitement has outweighed trepidation 10:1 at least!

It’s been great to find so much to celebrate too – I haven’t had to look too hard to find some really good stuff happening in our homes, schemes, services and offices.  I haven’t met everyone yet, but I have done my best to see as much as I can.  I’ve been to 24 of our schemes and homes so far, including the visits I was able to do before I started.  I’ll do my best to get round to everyone as soon as I can. 

Our organisation is proud of its roots and is inspired by Christian concern.  Some of us will be reflecting on the period of Lent and it struck me as I put this piece together that in those days leading up to that first Easter Day, Jesus himself had great cause for trepidation – with all that was ahead for him.  And yet, the excitement of what was beyond the Cross outweighed it all.  

As I look towards the end of Lent and the celebration of Easter, I have nothing but excitement for what we can do at MHA over the months and years to come to deliver simply outstanding care and support for older people.  If you have thoughts and ideas that you would like to share with me on how we can do this – please do get in touch.

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