Today, 14 September 2021, the Government announced their Covid-19 Winter Plan which outlines the government's plan for managing COVID-19 through the coming autumn and winter months. 

Our Chief Executive Sam Monaghan commented: "The Government’s well-intentioned plans to equip the NHS for the winter will fall flat without immediate investment in care workers. Social care is experiencing the most acute workforce recruitment and retention crisis that we’ve known, with staff turnover in the social care sector estimated to be around 30% and growing. The impact of Brexit has left a smaller pool of workers for the care sector and some good people are leaving, exhausted by the pressures of dealing with a pandemic. Others, in some cases, because of the Government requirement for Covid vaccination.

"Without sufficient care workers, care providers won’t be able to prevent hospital admissions and won’t be able to help make sure older people are not staying in hospital longer than needed. The Prime Minister announced his long-awaited plans to reform social care funding on 7 September, in part due to his concern that too often people are in hospital beds when they could be in a residential home getting the good quality care that they need. This concern simply will not be addressed unless the Government takes urgent steps to recognise and support our skilled and dedicated care workforce."

Our #FixCareForAll campaign is calling for adult social care to be a national priority. You can help make this happen. Take action today >

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