The influential Public Accounts Committee has produced a report on the adult social care market, saying that the system is underfunded, unclear and urgently needs reform, adding that there needs to be no more broken promises by Governments. 

Responding to the report, MHA's Chief Executive Sam Monaghan said:

“The Public Accounts Committee has been forceful in its criticism of Governments of all political persuasions for promising to reform adult social care and yet doing nothing about it. We very much welcome this report, where committee members of all political parties have recognised that older people and those who care for them deserve more than just words. 

“The lack of action over so many years has had such an impact on so many people when they needed care and support the most. 

“MHA’s #FixCareForAll campaign is about reforming social care so that it truly meets the needs of the people we care for and genuinely recognises our colleagues who care for them, not just now but for the future. It is time for this Government to stop the rhetoric and bring forward their proposals.”

MHA’s five calls for reform from the Government are:

  1. A new social care system must be fully resourced with a fair price for care 

  2. A national workforce strategy that values our people

  3. Transparency and accountability, delivered through financial regulation

  4. Care which is co-produced and co-designed by older people and the sector

  5. Seamless pathways and collaboration between health and social care.

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