This week (8-14 September) is Remember a Charity in Your Will Week. At MHA we are very glad that the Remember a Charity campaign promotes this week every year, but of course, we both know that this invitation is timeless.

Gifts left in people’s Wills are vital to MHA; last year nearly 60% of our gifted donations came from such gifts. It is always heartwarming to know that our care for vulnerable people, many at their own end of life, has inspired others to give in this very special way. And of course, it is immeasurably helpful that their last gift can go towards continuing to provide that very same care for more people.

Some people give legacies as thanks for their own care or care of a loved one. Some givers are staff members or volunteers. But the ultimate reason for leaving a legacy is always the same – they value and are impressed with the quality of our care and support for older people, and they understand how much we always need support.

However large or small the gift, each one enables MHA to continue our important work.

The true legacy is that many kind and generous individuals continue their support long into the future, for the care and provision or services for vulnerable older people.

For more information on leaving a gift to MHA in your Will or giving a gift In Memory of someone special, please contact Bobby Youngwood on 01332 221946 or  Thank you.

Les Sudron

Head of Fundraising


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