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Today we support more than 18,500 people each year through our unique blend of care homes and community and retirement living schemes embedded in local communities.

As the largest charity supplier in our sector, we invest all of our donated income and any surplus into developing and enhancing the services we offer.

At its core, our mission as a charity is to enable people to live later life well, whether that’s through social activity or befriending in one of our 62 Live at Home community schemes, or the support and care offered in one of our 70 retirement living settings or 90 care homes.

It’s about developing friendly and caring communities. Places that are broader than a single service. Places with strong links to their local areas, where people are able to maintain and maximise their independence and still feel safe.

It’s about nurturing and sustaining mind, body and spirit, being able to make a contribution and valuing and linking the past and present. It’s about integrating, celebrating and reconciling the experiences of a lifetime.

Our vision is that by 2024 we will have connected our communities, realising our potential as One MHA. We do this to increase the reach, impact and quality of care and support we provide to people in later life.

What we’ll do

To enable us to make One MHA a reality, we will focus on four strategic objectives. Two of these are about what we do as an organisation while the others focus on how we deliver our services.

  1. MHA in community – build strong relationships, connecting our services as MHA in community
  2. MHA enhancing later life – person-centred care and support, innovating services to enhance later life
  3. MHA fit for the future – having efficient and effective processes, creating an MHA fit for the future
  4. MHA people – being inclusive and proactive in the development of our people

Using the expertise of our people from across MHA, we have established 12 work streams to help us achieve these objectives.

Our values

Our values have always driven the way we work and how we achieve results together. They underpin our behaviour, help us make decisions and are the standards to which we hold ourselves to account.

Inspired by our Methodist roots:

  • Respect every person, treating them with dignity
  • Nurture mind, body and spirit
  • Inspire the best in each other

Read our One MHA 2019 - 2024 Strategy Narrative in full.

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