MHA have responded to the Local Government Association (LGA) Green Paper on the importance and funding of adult social care. The LGA is an organisation that represents local authorities across England and Wales. They produced the paper in response to delays to the Government’s Green Paper on the same issue. It covers areas such as the role of local government in improving health and well-being in local areas, what is adult social care and why is it important, and funding issues.

MHA’s response made the following points;

1. We believe that greater integration between social care and NHS is imperative for a healthier society for all, especially in relation to delayed transfers of care.

2. Decisions on social care should be made locally as a ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work and is not person-centred.

3. We know that the current funding model does not work and this needs to be reviewed as a matter of urgency.

4 Parity of esteem between the NHS workforce and those in adult social care needs to be established, especially as recruitment is an issue within adult social care.

Dawn Wicks, Policy Manager commented ‘At MHA, we believe that all parts of society, individuals and organisations have a role in improving health and wellbeing. We have been working hard to reduce the impact of loneliness for over 30 years with our Live at Home Schemes. Through these schemes, we want to enable older people to stay living independently in their own homes for as long as possible, with the best possible quality of life.’

The improved and consistent provision of care needs to be a long-term ambition as well as a current urgent need. Poor quality impacts on the perception of care, creating fear and anxiety in prospective residents and their relatives, as well as discouraging potential staff from choosing care as a good career. The perception of adult social care as a safe environment whilst being a challenging and rewarding career opportunity is a longer-term outcome and aspiration.

We hope that the work already done by the LGA gathering responses from across the sector will mean that Government use the evidence provided to expedite decisions on these vital areas relating to adult social care. This approach will enable the Government to think creatively to find long-term sustainable solutions rather than retread over old ground.’

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