MHA Queenswood knitting

A resident at MHA Queenswood care home in Beeston, Nottingham has been busy putting her knitting skills to good use by creating items for premature babies at a local hospital.

Cindy, aged 75, started knitting for the baby unit at QMC hospital in Nottingham after staff noticed she knitted regularly for her grandson and suggested that she send some of the items she was making.

Her daughter provides her wool, sending it to the care home and enabling Cindy to craft everything from bonding blankets and armbands, to various sizes of hats in traffic light colours for the intensive care unit.

These ‘traffic lights’ help nurses to identify a baby’s health condition based on the colours of the hats and blankets they are wearing – red being ‘very poorly’, yellow ‘poorly’ and green ‘ok and ready to come out of intensive care.’

Cindy started knitting at a young age, after learning from her mum. By 15, she’d taught herself how to knit using patterns and would often create items such as scarves and cardigans to sell at local fairs.

Cindy said: “I always enjoy knitting for my grandson and have done since the day he was born. It makes me happy knowing that these tiny gifts brought into the world have something to keep them warm while they stay in hospital.”

Sam Marozo, Home Manager at MHA Queenswood, said: “We’re so proud of Cindy for making these beautiful items. It’s fascinating to watch her work – you can clearly see how much she enjoys it.” 

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