On 3 June 2020, MHA featured on a 30 minute piece on BBC Newsnight focussed on both the impact of COVID-19 and the approach we adopted in dealing with the virus across our homes and schemes. Accompanying the piece is an article from BBC News which highlights our data showing that almost half of staff and residents who test positive for the virus show no symptoms. 

We took the decision to work with Newsnight and grant them access to our approach and data to both shine a light on the very real challenges that have been faced by care providers across the UK and also to strengthen our repeated call for routine regular testing for care home staff and residents. You can watch the Newnight feature in full below.

To date (4 June 2020) we have sadly lost 398 residents and three colleagues to the virus, this includes those who were tested and those who presented related symptoms. Happily we have also now seen 930 recoveries so far, supported through the daily care of our dedicated carers.

From the outset we have lobbied the Government for effective support to the sector, in terms of personal protective equipment (PPE) supply lines and regular testing, as well as adequate guidance. We will continue to do so until we have the support needed to protect our residents and colleagues.

Jane, Marcina, Mark and Lisa who featured in the broadcast are just a few of our thousands of dedicated people who are going above and beyond each and every day. The work they are doing is amazing. We hope that you will agree that our colleagues came across as they are; compassionate, determined, caring and committed.

Our residents are a second family to them and this will take its toll on our teams as they sadly lose people they have cared for, in many cases for a number of years. We will make sure we care for our colleagues as well as our residents throughout all of this and would urge you to support us and our colleagues at this difficult time.

As we have said from the beginning of this pandemic, as one of the largest and longest established providers of care in the UK, it is incumbent on MHA to speak up for our residents, our colleagues and the sector. 

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