The Methodist Conference is being held this week, shaping the Church’s direction for the coming year. But how far into the future can Conference’s decisions reach?

In 1943, Conference approved the creation of MHA. It started as a humble three-strong committee dedicated to finding alternatives to the workhouse for older people. In 2013, Conference comes shortly after MHA commemorated its 70th Anniversary at Coventry Cathedral, with Patron Baroness Kathleen Richardson giving a sermon and messages of congratulation sent by supporters including Dame Judi Dench and Baroness Joan Bakewell. We now serve 16,000 older people and are one of the largest charities in Britain.

As we go platinum, we reflect on our history. But more than that, we look to the future as Conference is currently doing. We have certainly taken great steps since 1943, but what more could we do? How can we adapt to meet the changing needs of an ageing population, where lifespans and cases of dementia are increasing and where older people value their independence more than ever? How can we continue to reach more older people and nurture their physical, mental and spiritual well-being?

We are dedicated to evolving in a changing world, preventing isolation, providing support, offering choices and enabling fulfilled living for all older people, from the able-bodied to the most vulnerable. And as we mark the 70th Methodist Conference since our inception, the question we ask ourselves in our Platinum year is: threescore years and then…?

Roger Davies

Chief Executive

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