Baroness Kathleen Richardson, Patron of the charity Methodist Homes (MHA), was present at the London launch of a new book about faith in old age.

God, Me and Being Very Old: Stories and Spirituality in Later Life encourages reflection and contemplation through the faith stories of 15 of the “oldest old” among MHA residents, recounted through MHA Chaplains.   Baroness Richardson, who wrote the foreword, gave the welcome at Methodist Church House for the launch of the book.  

Baroness Richardson was joined by the book’s editors – Revd Dr Keith Albans, who is MHA’s Director for Chaplaincy and Spirituality, and Professor Malcolm Johnson, who sits on MHA’s Board. Revd Dr Mark Wakelin was also present, as he had been at the original planning meeting three years previously in the same place.

Addressing the gathering, Dr Albans reiterated Baroness Richardson’s observation in her foreword that the book is about older people more than old age itself. Professor Johnson discussed how the book can offer valuable lessons to a contemporary yet ageing Church.

Andrew Norris, Chaplaincy Adviser for MHA, told the guests: “If you ask any one of our chaplains what they feel about their work, they will almost inevitably respond, ‘It is a privilege’.  They find themselves coming alongside those who have experience and wisdom accumulated over many years, often learning so much about life and about themselves.”

Click here to purchase your copy of God, Me and Being Very Old.


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