Satisfaction levels amongst residents of MHA housing are higher than ever – and a growing number are happy to say so, according to the latest survey published by the Methodist housing and care charity.

Responses to the survey, undertaken in November 2009 and covering Sheltered and Retirement Housing and Housing with Care, show that over 90 per cent of Sheltered Housing and Housing with Care residents, and over 89 per cent of those living in retirement accommodation, expressed high levels of satisfaction with the care and service they are being offered by MHA.

MHA is also seeing a consistent year on year rise in the number of responses it receives to its annual surveys. This year, residents in Sheltered Housing were especially glad to offer feedback to the organisation, with 72 per cent of residents returning survey forms.

In addition, 80 per cent of all respondents said that they would definitely recommend their scheme to others. Sheltered Housing residents highlighted the suitability of their flats and schemes to their needs and were especially pleased that with the prompt response they receive to emergency alarms.

Those living in Housing with Care were highly satisfied with the furnishings and cleanliness of communal areas and praised the relationships between staff and residents in general. Stephen Reynolds, MHA Director of Service Improvement, says: “There are very pleasing indications that much of what we are doing is meeting residents’ needs, and this is affirming and helps us see what we do well.

For all residents, this includes the quality and cleanliness of our schemes, support, relationships and personal care.” Several residents singled out their scheme managers for special praise, while others identified a wide range of services and facilities that add a sense of wellbeing to their experience of MHA living – from the quality of scheme coffee shops and gardens to the provision of internet access that enabled one industrious resident “to complete all seven European Computer Driving licence modules in one year”.

One resident wrote: “I wish I had moved a few years earlier. It is good to feel secure and never lonely.” Another added: “I love this place – I make friends, feel safe and yet am independent “.

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