Roger Davies

I will be leaving MHA at the end of February 2014 having served almost exactly 15 years.  Adrian Bagg will be taking charge from 1 March 2014; he has been meeting with me, as well as many others, on a regular basis over the past couple of months as part of our planned handover.

May I say thank you to all of you.  Many of you I have known for years and it’s been a pleasure and a privilege to be your Chief Executive.  My reflections are on a job well done by so many of us - together we have:

  • demonstrated that it’s possible for a charity to provide good quality services at reasonable prices, to older people of means and without, and do it in a commercially successful and sustainable way.
  • shown that MHA can be the model of how to deliver services and much of the sector recognises that.
  • remained true to our heritage.  Our values-base is important and appreciated by our managers, staff members, and residents and relatives
  • modernised our buildings and our practices so that we are fit for present and future.
  • created many new jobs.
  • created many new services for many more older people to enjoy/benefit from.
  • created a wide range of services, offering more choice for older people. 

What next for me?  I have lots of ideas but few plans.  Over the coming months my wife Helen and I are going to do some voluntary conservation work on a Caribbean island (hence my Robinson-Crusoe style beard!)  Paid employment, non-executive positions or consulting opportunities may follow in due course.

I wish you well for whatever the future holds.

Roger Davies

Chief Executive


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