There are some fundamental changes afoot in the way care and support for older people is funded in England. The coalition Government commissioned a report last year by Andrew Dilnot which recommends:

  • The asset threshold above which people in residential homes are liable for the full cost of their care should be increased from the current £23,250 to £100,000
  • The contribution any individual makes towards the costs of their care, excluding general living costs, should ideally be capped at £35,000. This would mean no one would have to spend more than 30 per cent of their assets on care
  • People in residential care should make a standard contribution to cover their general living costs of £7,000 to £10,000 a year
  • Eligibility criteria for services should be set nationally, and be ‘portable’ between local authorities

MHA welcomes a system which sets out clearly which costs the State will meet and which need to be met by individuals and families. This will provide greater certainty for older people and assist with planning care needs in later life.  But the devil might be in the detail as the proposals are put together.

Roger Davies
Group Chief Executive

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