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24 December 2021

The UK’s largest charity care provider for older people has welcomed the Government’s announcement that care workers will be added to the shortage occupation list and eligible for special visas.

Responding to the announcement, Sam Monaghan, Chief Executive of MHA, said: "‘Essential care and support for older people is facing a staffing crisis the likes of which we have never seen before. Like other non-profit care providers, MHA is having to close the doors of our care homes and we currently have around 19% of our homes unable to accept new residents. As a result, older people are staying in hospital longer than they need to or not getting access to the care they want.

"The changes to immigration rules announced today are a very welcome step forward in addressing the ongoing care staffing crisis. However, it will be some months before older people feel the benefit of these much-needed changes. For now, we need the Government to urgently address pay for care workers, and we need local authorities to draw up emergency plans in case staffing pressures get worse before they get better."

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