14 October 2019

We’re delighted to unveil a refresh of the MHA brand identity to help further raise our profile as a leading national charity and raise awareness of the incredible services we provide to enable people to live later life well.

Over the last year, in conjunction with the introduction of our ‘One MHA’ strategy, we have been working closely with many people associated with the organisation to gather feedback around how we can better communicate our key messages consistently to have greatest impact, which will allow us to be recognised as ‘One MHA’. These have included colleagues, residents, members, family, volunteers, circuit reps and the general public.

Your feedback told us there is incredible value in who MHA is, but there is a need to refresh and modernise, whilst ensuring we still represent and respect our rich history and tradition.

As a result of these findings, we have taken the decision to make a slight tweak to our logo and colours, as well as the style of communications we issue to align to the ‘One MHA’ strategy and represents commitment to providing safe, caring and friendly support to all in later life who need it.

Whilst you may have noticed some changes to our look and feel across our website, social media channels and other MHA materials, the brand refresh is being implemented over a three year transition period, where offline materials will be replaced when required on a replenishment cycle, in order to reflect our charitable status and the need to ensure funds are invested wisely.

As part of the rebranding process, the sub-brand for our fundraising activities ‘Best For Ages’ has changed to ‘MHA Fundraising’ following feedback that the name did not clearly represent its purpose.

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