Tuesday 15 September 2015

It all started last year as a flippant remark from a resident who was confident Field Court in York could win Yorkshire in Bloom if entered. Colin was a keen gardener but since he started with Parkinson’s he felt he was limited but still had all of the enthusiasm. 

Not wanting him to feel that he couldn’t achieve his dream, Community Services Manager Melanie Flanagan encouraged him enter the gardens and go out and do what ...he could do. This quickly escalated into him being able to landscape the front gardens and potter around the rest. This resulted in his physical ability improving three fold. Sadly Colin passed away at the end of last year, but it was felt throughout the residents that they should continue with Colin’s work and carry on with the entry.

Through the hard work of the gardening team they achieved the impossible – a Silver Gilt Award!! Liz Coote and Flora Cooper (pictured) put in the majority of the hours planting and maintaining and are pictured receiving the award.

Liz commented: ‘Entering Yorkshire In Bloom for Field Court was a wonderful experience. For me who had no gardening knowledge to start with it soon became a passion. Several months of team work varying from weeding, planting and filling hanging baskets soon saw the garden come to life and is a sight not to be missed. To then go to the award ceremony and win a Silver Gilt was a wonderful end to all of our hard work. Field Court is a happy place – now even more so with our gardens and the award.’

Flora added: ‘The Yorkshire In Bloom competition has meant an awful lot to me personally. As a fairly new resident and a keen gardener, being able to be involved so much in the garden has helped me settle in and be part of the Field Court community immediately.’

In addition to Liz and Flora’s hard work and commitment, a special thanks go to volunteers Ruth and Sandra who kept the lawns cut immaculately and who helped keep the garden weed free and tidy. Also a massive thanks to David Smith, Field Court’s maintenance/gardener who came in on his days off in the build up to the judging.

Melanie said: “I not only proud to work for MHA who have supported us in this venture, but I am also incredibly proud of all my residents and they have the reward that they fully deserve.”

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