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103-year-old Lillian rediscovers her love for swimming

MHA Richmond care home resident, Lillian O'Neill, who celebrated her 103rd birthday earlier this year, has astounded her friends, family and staff by taking to the water for the first time in 25 years.

Lillian ...

Future world leaders learn about civil society at MHA

Volunteering helps give care and nursing home residents that extra connection with the outside world, which is why MHA was delighted to host young future leaders from as far as Honduras, Indonesia, Ecuador, Nigeria, Malaysia, Pakistan, Turkey and Indonesia ...

Alma Fritchley "thrilled to realise MHA embraces diversity"

MHA is committed to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), whether it be a person's gender, age, religious belief, race, or sexual orientation. We believe that it is important we celebrate the unique differences that each individual brings to MHA – whether ...

Monica celebrates turning 106

Monica Budge is MHA’s oldest retirement living resident when it comes to living independently with just a little support from care staff as she marked her 106th birthday.

Flying the flag for LGBT History Month

MHA is proud to celebrate LGBT History Month this February as part of our ongoing commitment to promoting equality and diversity within our services and workplaces.

Confidence boost for Doreen helps her Seize The Day

Moving house can be difficult for people of any age, whether it’s your first home or downsizing. These feelings are there when it comes to moving in to a care home too, which is why at MHA we do all we can to help residents settle in to their new home.

Elsie's ‘Willie Wonka’ dream comes true

As a young school girl, Elsie had the opportunity to tour the Cadbury World factory in Bournville and it has always been a dream of hers to return.

A Christmas Message From Our Chief Executive

Sam Monaghan, our Chief Executive, joined us to reflect on a successful year for MHA during 2018 and express his gratitude to our many supporters across the UK this Christmas...

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