Wireless headsets introduced at MHA Morel Court make “life so much easier” for staff

01 December 2023

The addition of wireless headsets for care staff at MHA Morel Court have “made life so much easier” for them.

The Penarth home has introduced the headsets as a way of communicating with one another and not having to spend time looking for colleagues.

The idea came off the back of a meeting home manager, Suzanne Taplin had with staff where one of the colleagues raised the issue of being able to communicate effectively.

Initially walkie talkies were suggested but these were quickly replaced by the idea of wireless headsets to help stay confidential.

Following a successful trial with the care staff, the home, which provides residential care for 36 residents have decided to stick with them.

Courtney Ballett, a care assistant who mentioned the troubles with communicating efficiently said: “ During the meeting Suzanne asked how we can improve communication and we all agreed the headsets would be a good choice.

“They are great, they charge overnight, and we leave them in the office to charge when we finish our shifts, so we are ready to use them again the next day.

“It's made life so much easier for me and the rest of the care staff and it allows us to keep in touch with one another and not have to go around looking for the person we need.

“They run from the Wi-Fi at the home, so the signal is never an issue.

“Even for managers to get hold of us, it's made things so much simpler.

“It has reduced the time to get things completed and helped us to manage our workload.

“I can definitely see this becoming a method that a lot of homes will adapt, especially when they can see the benefits themselves.”