“Still love my job as much as when I first started” says staff member at MHA Maple Leaf House after 18 years in role

29 July 2022

A staff member at MHA Maple Leaf House has recently celebrated 18 years in her job and says she “still loves the job as much as when I started”.

Sheila Fowkes started working at the Ripley base home in 2004 as an activity coordinator, something she did as part of a 10 year career in a previous job.

To celebrate her achievement, there was a small ceremony at the home, which provides nursing dementia care for 48 residents 

Sheila says the challenge of being an activity coordinator and tailoring activities to suit the needs of individuals is what drives her to keep going.

She added: “I love my job, I love coming into work every day and there's always something different to do which is why I don't think I will ever get bored.

“Every resident is unique and being able to help contribute towards their day in the form of the activities is a great feeling.

“During the pandemic it was tough and at times the challenges were difficult, but with the great team of staff we have here at the home we managed to work through it as best we could.

“I can honestly say I can see myself doing this job until I decide to retire. I am 63 years old and my husband has said I can stop working but I said no.

“I love working at Maple Leaf House, the staff and residents are great and I wouldn't change it for anything, I Still love my job as much as when I first started.

“For me the key to working in care is getting to know the residents, the more you get to know them the easier it is to relate with them and that does go a long way in building the right relationships.”

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